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"Movement is NOT a luxury, it's self-care"
- Lulu Adams

Do you find life is just SO busy nowadays, that you don't have any time to workout - at ALL? 

The government guidelines for exercise in the UK state that we should be getting 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity exercise, or 75 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity exercise, yet not enough women are actually meeting these guidelines: guys that’s a simple 10-20 minutes a day…have a quick look at your screen time and how long you spent on social media today...get where I'm going with this?

The problem is that too many of us are resigning to the fact that they can’t even start exercising, let alone contemplate a fitness programme because we think it takes up too much time, is too rigid in structure, costs too much, or involves getting ourselves to a gym and organising childcare.  

We continue to push exercise to the back of our priority list because work, life and everyone else in the family comes first…and we’re seeing exercise as a luxury...

And even if we do start a programme, we can be left feeling a bit daunted by some of the movements we’re expected to do, no one actually talks about the pelvic floor and how THAT might feel during impact workouts, and it all just feels like it’s not really very US.

Sadly this means that too many women just don’t bother even trying, or their training is at most ‘sporadic’. This means so many women are missing out on the huge benefits that regular exercise can bring to their lives in terms of:

heart health, bone health, sexual health, mental health, their immune system, even their sleep!....and to me this is a massive problem, because movement is NOT a luxury – it’s self care. 

MOVE WITH LULU is my 12-week online fitness programme that offers a flexible approach to training, in order to help you create healthier habits that actually stick. 

And it’s not JUST a fitness programme either...MOVE WITH LULU gives you: 

3 Wonder Workouts per week: these are 25-30 minute workouts done in real-time, so I am doing them with you, and coaching you throughout...

1 Something Better than Nothing Workout per week: you know the drill here. This is a 10-minute bodyweight AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

1 yoga flow from my wonderful sister-in-law Izzy Walton, for the days where you really need to slow the F down…

A movement guide, which introduces you to my Ten Top Tips for Training Smarter in 2020, which include technique tips and strategies for moving better and getting more out of your training programme...

A bumper nutritional guide to steer you away from restrictive meal plans or calorie counting because LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR THOSE: with the help of some of my favourite nutritionists, I’ve put together a guide to nourishing your body and fuelling your workouts, along with a whole collection of inspiring recipes that cover snacks, breakfasts, light lunches and family meals. 

A journaling guide, to help you dip your toe into a journaling practice, so you can begin to bring some awareness to your training, your emotions, how your body feels and how these change over the weeks and months. 

A breathwork guide, which introduces you to some of my favourite breathwork practices, which really help ME to bring balance to my life especially when I feel like the juggle of training, mumming, wife-ing and running a business is getting a bit overwhelming…

Access to my exclusive MOVE WITH LULU Facebook community, where I will be offering more content, more workouts, live workshops, and be on hand to help you with any issues you’re facing with your training along the way. 

Over the last decade in my work as a women’s fitness coach, I’ve gained advanced qualifications in women’s health with Burrell Education, and alongside my regular 1:1 clients I’ve also worked with FIIT, Women’s Health and the Mummy Tribe, but now I want to work with you to help you realise how easy it is to more balanced and more excited about exercise being a regular and enjoyable part of your life. 

Sound good? 

And all this for JUST £49.99!

Click on the links to join me, and become a part of the community in my exclusive members’ area.

Don't Just Take MY Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

“Lulu makes my sessions fun, enjoyable and tailor made to my needs. She is seriously knowledgeable on the female body and I like that she explains what we’re doing as well as why. Definitely the best investment!”
- Chrissy

“Lulu is a stickler for good form and as a result I learnt more than I have in years of home/gym workouts. Her knowledge is vast but she manages to convey everything in a simple and approachable way. This is what I think sets her apart from other PT’s, she is engaging and encouraging, knowing when to push you but also a big advocate of listening to your body.” 
- Nicola

“Lulu has changed the way I workout which has helped me feel more confident in a gym on my own. I always come away happy and looking forward to the next session.”
- Sam

“Lulu has given me so much help and support, and thanks to her extensive pre and postnatal knowledge she’s given me total confidence to workout and thus stay fit and healthy following the birth of my son. Her sessions are always so fabulously varied and tailored specifically to me and what I need on any particular week!”
- Charlotte

“Lulu’s technical knowledge is phenomenal, but importantly she also makes training fun whilst knowing JUST when to squeeze that extra lunge, burpee or press up out of you to make it count…!”
– Rowan

“Lulu is amazingly knowledgeable on the human anatomy and muscle groups, so manages to create amazing sessions that work all the areas where I need it most and then achieve amazing results. I now feel stronger, fitter and more capable, with bucket loads more energy to boot”
- Pippa

“Lulu is the perfect balance between professional and supportive and does everything at the individual pace of the client, while challenging and getting great results for them. She is caring, thorough and most of all a lot of fun!”
- Anna

“Lulu’s guidance was crucial to my recovery following the birth of my daughter and has meant I can continue to feel strong and fit now I am a mum. Her knowledge of pre and postnatal fitness is exceptional and as a mum herself she completely understands the complexities of trying to juggle it all”
- Nic

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